Johnny Rapp is a highly distinguished content creator and social media marketer known for his expertise in creating and pushing trends through memes. With a following of tens of millions, Johnny has established himself as a leader in the online community. In addition to his work with memes, Johnny is deeply committed to using his platform to impact the world positively. He is passionate about the environment and uses his creativity to help educate and inspire others, particularly children, about the importance of nature and self-expression.

In 2021 he founded SolarPunk Park, a space for entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, health experts, and students to create projects and events that promote nature's relationship with humanity.

Background in Memes

In 2011, Johnny logged on to Twitter and began his journey as a professional content creator and network builder. Over five years, he went from an audience of zero to an audience of tens of millions. He accomplished this by mastering the creation of memes and building systems where he and other influential pages would promote each other's content daily.

Through this experience, he discovered the power of language, memes, and working with a community to boost influence for everyone. His expertise allowed him opportunities to partner with others in the social media space and build and monetize pages for many other people. He built and monetized pages like @FillWerrell (2.3M+ Followers), @CollegeStudent (2.1M+ Followers), @MemeProvider (1M+ Followers), and dozens of others.

Memes in Pop Culture

In 2016, Johnny's social media expertise led him to move to California to help build and monetize the social media presence of notable figures such as Jennifer Lopez and many others. This ability opened up doors for him, where he lead social media campaigns for large movie studios, international technology companies, social media apps, and fashion brands.


Through his work, Johnny is now a partner at Integral Studio, a music technology company that helps the industry's top artists connect with the digital world through web development and marketing. Integral Studio is at the forefront of music's evolving relationship with technology, and in 2021, the company launched Symphony: an all-in-one digital solution for artists and content creators.


In 2021, Johnny founded SolarPunk Park in the heart of Los Angeles. SolarPunk Park is a green space near downtown that sits in between some of the city's best parks. At SolarPunk Park, entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, students, and changemakers are invited to network with one another and work on projects that benefit humanity and nature.

SolarPunk Park partners with Jupe, a company that builds sustainable off-grid solar-powered homes intending to provide homes to billions of people. They are also a partner with Tomato Bucket, an urban agriculture solution that allows anyone to grow plants using 30x less water and 30x less effort. SolarPunk Park plans to throw more events soon, focusing on using sustainable practices creatively. Be on the lookout for Eco-Raves, Podcasts, Speaking Events, and Dinners.